You won’t believe what these people left in their wills

You won’t believe what these people left in their wills

We’ve seen some pretty crazy things be left in peoples wills over the years but nothing as unusual as what is in this list. Below we look at the 10 strangest things people have left for their ‘loved’ ones in their last will and testament, read on to be amazed.

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Lydia Blake

02 August 2022

10 of the strangest things left in wills

Here’s the list of 10 of the strangest things left in wills;

  1. One man left his prostate to a giraffe

  2. A lady left a trust fund of £100,000 to her pet goldfish

  3. One man’s last wish was to have his ashes fired out of a gun

  4. A manure spreader was left by a father for his son (who also disinherited him)

  5. A pair of Christmas socks

  6. One grandmother left a single penny and a list of “nasty comments” for each family member 

  7. A Toblerone 

  8. A kidney stone

  9. Napoleon famously documented he wanted his head to be shaved upon his death and for his hair to be shared amongst his family

  10. The inventor of Pringles cans used his will to document he wanted to be cremated and his ashes to be packed in a Pringles can and buried

Got you thinking?

Now we know that most people would not leave these kinds of requests in their wills but it should get people thinking about what it is that they do want to leave to their beneficiaries when the time comes

Assets you would want to consider when writing your will typically include things like;

  • Money

  • Jewellery

  • Property

  • Vehicles 

However you should also think about smaller assets that may hold a sentimental value to you and your family that you may wish to gift to your beneficiaries, these can include for example;

  • Golf clubs

  • Vinyl collection

  • Knitting collection

  • Football memorabilia 

Speak to the experts at Simpwill

Whatever it is that you plan to leave to your loved ones it is always worth making a mental list in preparation, Simpwill’s team can help you to identify things that you may not have thought to include.

The best thing about writing your will with Simpwill is that you can add in and remove assets as you wish at any time free of charge! Traditionally with a solicitor or will writer if you wanted to add things in after you signed your will you would have to pay for a whole new will.

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